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The digital age has brought the need for extra protection online, particularly for businesses.

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The digital age has brought the need for extra protection online, particularly for businesses. Here at Computanet, we understand that, which is why we deliver only the best security services to our customers. We ensure your IT systems thrive while staying clear of cyber attacks.

Why Investing in Cyber Security & IT support Make Sense Right Now?

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The more digitalised the world grows, the more information gets stored digitally. That means much of our sensitive information resides online, making security crucial to ensure that data cannot be touched by unauthorised outsiders – i.e., hackers.

Hackers keep getting more intelligent and more focused, too. Every day, new techniques are used by cybercriminals to get their hands on sensitive data from companies worldwide. In 2021 alone, ransomware attacks cost an average of £6 trillion.

Knowing that a vulnerability in your IT systems could result in a hacker accessing your communications, finances, and personal information should be enough to motivate you to protect your data. It’s no longer just about locking a room with a key – it’s about using cyber security methods to seal the digital lock.

What is Cyber Security?

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Cyber security means protection from digital attacks. It protects your systems, networks, programs, and everything else that you store digitally. It’s protected with tools such as email security, firewalls, anti-malware software, and access control.

We mentioned that hackers grow more intelligent by the day. Good news – so do we. Cyber security techniques are constantly advancing, and Computanet is at the forefront of that mission.

Benefits of Cyber Security for Your Business

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The most obvious benefit to cyber security is that it protects all the data you store digitally, from your messages to passwords. Without that protection, that information could end up in the wrong hands.

There are other benefits to it, though – with good cyber security, you put your customer and employees’ minds at ease. Think about it – a customer is more likely to shop with a company that has never experienced a data breach. Plus, employees won’t want to work for a business that can’t keep their personal information and data protected.

Both time and money are saved when you use proper cyber security. If your data gets stolen, precious company time and money are wasted.

Threats to Your Business

You must learn the most common threats to your business to stay secure. Understand them, and you stay ahead of the game.


Phishing is when a hacker impersonates a trusted person/brand/company via email or text (or something similar). They often influence you to click on a malicious link to obtain sensitive information.

Password Hacking:

Hackers use programs to test multiple passwords in one go. The simpler your password is, the more vulnerable you are, so ensure you use upper and lowercase characters, numbers and symbols that don’t give your identity away.


Commonly used by hackers, ransomware is when a hacker gets hold of sensitive data and then uses that to ask the company for payment.


Viruses happen when a person visits malicious sites or clicks on a dodgy link. When your system encounters a virus, you may experience data loss, performance reduction, and password changes (which can be used against you).

Cyber Security:

Cyber security is essential for all businesses, big and small. With our cyber security specialist team at Computanet, you can ensure your IT systems are fully secure from digital attacks.

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