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Are you looking at ways to improve your company’s IT solutions? Trying to do this on your own is a serious challenge. Not only do you have to allocate the time and resources necessary to do this task, but it also requires knowledge and proficiency to find areas of improvement to achieve your goals.

This is where our IT project management service can bridge the gap.

Regardless of the challenge you face, our combination of expertise and experience means we can identify a practical, affordable solution through our IT project management process. Our team of in-house professionals works in every possible area, ranging from minor IT tasks to full network installations.

Due to the end-to-end approach we take, Computanet is able to assist with every aspect of IT project management. Design specification, installation, management, and documentation are all part of the process.

Our comprehensive efforts ensure maximum benefits for your business.

Our IT project management instantly removes pressure from your shoulders. As well as the implementation of the best IT practices for your company, our work is done proficiently to ensure your daily operations continue to run efficiently and smoothly.

What if you don’t require a comprehensive project management solution? No problem – you can enjoy a pure IT project management service from us. You can then use third-party solutions to set up and install your systems.

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Every member of the Computanet team is Prince2-qualified. They are also accredited to high-level management and project organisation standards. The result: you receive the expertise and knowledge to take your IT project to the next level.

There’s also nothing beyond our capabilities. Network design and implementation, AV design and implementation, logistics services, mobile device management, asset tagging consolidation, large-scale machine rollouts – you name it, we provide it.

Our IT Project Management Process

To ensure your IT project is completed successfully, we follow this five-step process:

Define project goals and objectives:

Before anything, we consult with you to learn more about your current IT situation and what needs to be done to achieve success. This allows us to define your project goals and objectives.

2. Create a project plan:

A project plan is then outlined. This includes the necessary steps required to complete the project, along with the estimated timeline throughout.

Manage resources

Effective resource management is necessary for a successful project. This includes allocating people, materials, funds, and other resources.

Monitor progress:

Once the project is in progress, we continually monitor the situation to ensure everything remains on track. If we spot any issue or an avenue for greater improvement, corrective action is taken.

Evaluate results:

Once the IT project is complete, our work is not done. We take a closer look at the results and analyse success levels. This information is then used to identify areas for improvement in the future.

Let us do the hard work and leave you to running your business.

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