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Virtual Server Solutions are beneficial in numerous ways

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Are IT operational costs too high for your business? Productivity levels may be limited due to a lack of resources. Security standards may be lacking. This is where a virtual server solution can come to the rescue.

A virtual server solution sees a single physical machine being transformed into multiple virtual machines. By running numerous virtual machines in this way, you don’t need to invest as much into hardware systems, physical space requirements, and power consumption costs.

In fact, with the right virtual server infrastructure in place, you can reduce traditional IT operational costs by up to 70%.

Productivity is enhanced by minimising downtime and providing the right technology solutions, while security is improved through the ability to isolate data and applications within individual virtual machines. The ability to isolate also allows you to produce test environments and shift legacy applications across to modern hardware.

Businesses of all sizes are able to take advantage of virtualisation. With it designed for continual high performance, alongside its extremely secure and stable nature, a virtual server is beneficial in numerous ways for organisations.

Virtual Server Solutions with Computanet

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Virtual servers are available with other providers. So, what makes Computanet the best option for your business?

This is due to the superior service we provide. The servers we host are high-quality and easily scalable. This means if performance ever begins to lag, we can virtually migrate your server across to a different physical server.

The situation is the same if the server fails for whatever reason. As part of our job, we automatically migrate you over to an available server. The result: while we do all the work in the background, this causes no disruption to your company’s workflow.

With our virtualisation support, we can also help simplify the evolution of your business demands. We ensure you maintain access to the latest modern technologies, doing so without you having to splash out on costly periods of transition.

The benefits of using a virtual server solution

Virtualisation is advantageous for many reasons. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Improved efficiency:

As you are able to run numerous operating systems and applications on the same piece of hardware – all at the same time – virtual servers help to boost efficiency levels.

Enhanced scalability:

Resources are utilised much more efficiently with virtualisation technology. This means you are able to scale your resource requirements up or down effortlessly.

Reduce your bills:

Forget about all the money you spend on the likes of hardware, software, and energy consumption. All of these can be reduced significantly with virtualisation.

Boost your security:

You are able to create isolated environments with virtual server technology. Doing this makes these environments more secure than sticking with traditional systems.

Added flexibility:

Greater flexibility is possible with virtualisation. Applications and data can be moved between different physical locations with relative ease. This flexibility, as a result, boosts deployment and management flexibility, making life easier for your business.

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