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The world has never been more connected. Day-to-day life sees everyone using technology on a regular basis. Additionally, in the future job market will demand ICT proficiency, and it is more important than ever that children and young people understand how to use technology correctly.

This is where ICT for education comes in.

When you are able to integrate ICT across all areas of education successfully, it helps in two main ways. Firstly, it helps to improve the ICT skillset of your students. They will be able to improve their ability in a natural way during lessons.

Secondly, it enhances the overall learning experience. Expanding this technology beyond ICT lessons and into science, art, English, maths, and even physical education lessons assists with engaging students in a positive, effective way.

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Building a robust IT infrastructure for an educational institution is not something that can be overlooked. It is a complex, challenging problem that should only be left to the professionals. If not, it could lead to costly mistakes, ineffective integration of technology solutions, and other issues.

Computanet is here to ensure those issues don’t crop up. With our skills and knowledge, which includes years of practical experience in the education sector, we can put together an ICT infrastructure that reaches its full potential – and best benefits both your teachers and students.

For further reassurance, our account managers and IT engineers all possess full DBS checks which work under a Service Level Agreement.

As for the educational technology solutions we can help you with, our interactive technologies include interactive whiteboards, touchscreen displays, video walls, smart projectors, information screens, and digital signage.

Although for a fully-fledged technology infrastructure, other elements, such as cloud hosting and virtualisation, are required to make the most of your ICT for education strategy. Don’t worry – we will be able to walk you through it every step of the way.

Putting together the right managed ICT package

Each educational institution has different needs. It is important these needs are accounted for when it comes to structuring an effectively managed ICT package. The better it is, the more your business will be able to lower costs while enhancing operational efficiency.

Managed services you need to consider include:

IT infrastructure management:

Effective management of the IT infrastructure comprises all hardware and software, including storage, servers, and networks.

Data storage:

An institution needs to be able to store data effectively. This includes the management of data storage, including the organisation of backups.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud technology is highly beneficial for educational institutions. You can host everything from databases to useful applications in the cloud.


To protect your data and systems, you need to set up and manage security technologies, policies, and practices to follow.

Application development and maintenance:

The design and development of custom applications that fit into your institution’s educational strategy.

Let us do the hard work and leave you to running your business.

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