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IT network installations are large, complicated jobs. We remove the stress – and the worry about cables, hardware, and downtime – with our expert installation services.

A network cabling installation is not a task you can take lightly

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If there is even just a small error with this installation, it can lead to many issues for your organisation. Everything from data loss to significant downtime is possible, all of which have the potential to negatively disrupt your company.

The reason for this is simple: installing a network is a large, complex job.

When you don’t have a team that possesses the experience, IT proficiency, and up-to-the-minute skills required for this undertaking, problems will arise. That’s not a concern when working with Computanet.

Our network cabling installation experts carefully plan and specify every detail. No stone is left unturned. We cover network infrastructure design, hardware supply, the installation of network cabling, network configuration, and so much more. Each required duty – large, small, and everything in between – receives the same level of care and attention.

With this approach, which sees all work being done by our in-house team to industry standards, we ensure your network runs more efficiently and productively than ever before. Although even before the task is complete, we make your company’s continuity a priority, eliminating all possible risks of unnecessary downtime.

Our Process

There are no shortcuts to a successful IT network installation. This is why we go with a comprehensive process; by covering all these aspects, it guarantees your network is in the best possible shape.

Take a closer look at the process we follow for our network cabling installation projects:

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Plan the network infrastructure:

The first step is to plan out the network infrastructure. This is the foundation for everything that follows, meaning it has to be right – otherwise, the rest of the work could crumble. This infrastructure includes the need to identify the network topology, what network devices are required for your organisation’s needs, and the network cabling necessary for everything to function correctly.

Install network cabling

Cabling installation is a technical job that requires careful logistical planning. We run the cables and connect them to all relevant network devices. When done correctly, there’s no need to worry about devices not working or having to pick and choose which hardware to use.

Configure network devices

All of your network devices need to be configured to ensure everything functions together seamlessly. Our work involves configuring the routers, switches, and other network devices used by your company.

Configure network services

Once the devices are set up correctly, the next part of the process is configuring the network services. This sees the DHCP, DNS, and other network services designed and deployed.

Test the network

Before our work is done, we need to verify the network is functioning correctly. We run a number of stringent tests to check that all devices and services are working and that the network cabling is configured as expected.

Let us do the hard work and leave you to running your business.

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