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With our Managed IT Services let us do the hard work and leave you to running your business.

Managing Your IT the Right Way

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IT is an essential component of any modern business. Yet trying to maintain and manage your system is a tricky, time-consuming process. At least, that is the case if you try and carry it out all in-house.

With our managed IT services, you can wave goodbye to the stress and challenge of doing it on your own. The main services we provide as part of our managed IT include:

  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • Network security
  • IT consulting and support
  • Cloud computing solutions
  • Data backup and recovery

Ensuring your company functions both effectively and efficiently

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Each aspect is important for ensuring your company functions both effectively and efficiently. With our team of experts managing all of these services, you gain the proactive coverage and support necessary – all while you can focus on other areas of your organisation.

Think of it like maintaining your car. With our work on your systems, we ensure your IT (and by extension your company in general) is always ready to go. Then when it’s time to upgrade, we can seamlessly integrate new technologies to keep your system firing on all cylinders.

Why choose Computanet? With our combination of experience, advanced skills, up-to-date knowledge, and dedication to providing unparalleled levels of service, you obtain everything you need to push your company to the next level. Improve productivity while reducing costs with our managed IT services.

Our Managed IT Services

Whether you require assistance in one or all areas of managed IT, Computanet has the ideal package for your business. Below are the managed IT services we offer:

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance:

Continued monitoring and maintenance are required to ensure your systems are in optimum shape. With our regularly scheduled check-ups and approach to fixes when required, this minimises the possibility of downtime.

Network Security and Compliance:

Cyberthreats are a major concern for any business. Our network security and compliance measures ensure your company remains safe. We continually respond to the ever-evolving cyberthreat landscape, keeping your organisation protected against all attack types.

Data Backup and Recovery:

If you need to recover your valuable data due to a failure of some sort, this service can stop it from being catastrophic for your company. We use regular backup and recovery strategies that not only protect your valuable data but also guarantee business continuity.

IT Consulting and Support:

Our consulting and support service is available if you require guidance to improve your current IT systems. Our team of experts will be able to analyse your current IT infrastructure, see where improvements can be made, and advise you on how to get the most out of this side of your business.

Cloud Computing Solutions:

Incorporating cloud computing solutions should be part of your current and future plans. With the use of our cloud-based solutions, your business is able to significantly reduce hardware costs, improve scalability, and enjoy a host of other benefits.

Let us do the hard work and leave you to running your business.

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