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Did You Know We Do VOIP Phone Systems?

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It’s true: we do offer VOIP services. As part of our technology solutions, we give clients the ideal platform to use VOIP for their business.

We have a range of VOIP phone systems available. These include basic – yet effective – VOIP systems to highly customised solutions to meet your exact business VOIP needs. This approach ensures we have the right system for everyone.

Unsure about which solution is best for your company? Our experts will be able to guide you into selecting the right VOIP system.

What Are the Benefits of VOIP?

If you are unsure about the benefits of using VOIP phone systems, below are the advantages gained from going down this route:

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Cost savings:

One of the biggest benefits of using VOIP is the savings it provides when matched against traditional phone bills. Did you know organisations are able to save 80% or more with VOIP compared to their monthly phone bills?


Greater flexibility is possible for those that decide to use a VOIP phone system. This includes customising their overall setup and deciding which features are best for their requirements. Features available include call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, and much more.


The scalable nature of VOIP makes it great for organisations. As a company grows or reduces in size, it is able to add or remove users when necessary. For a business that is continually growing and has changing needs, this can be accommodated effectively with VOIP.


Are your employees regularly on the move? Perhaps remote work is a big part of your business? With VOIP, it is easy for staff members to remain connected. With just a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, they are able to access their calls and voicemail.


Greater productivity levels are possible when using VOIP phone systems. This is because employees are given the exact tools they require to get their work done. These tools range from video calls to conference calling.

The 2025 Switch Off

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Right now, the PSTN switch off is scheduled to happen across the United Kingdom in 2025. What happens once the switch off is complete? It will result in all landline and analogue phones no longer being supported. Their replacement will be Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Using Computanet for Your VOIP Needs

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There are numerous benefits gained from using VOIP for your company. Yet if you want to offer this contact option to customers, even more advantages can be gained by selecting Computanet as your VOIP provider.

With Computanet on your side, you gain the added expertise and knowledge required to make the most of your VOIP phone system. We offer all of the features you need for a rich, collaborative platform that supports your business as effectively as possible.

We don’t just leave you alone with your VOIP phone system, either. We are always available to offer support whenever required to help you get the most out of your VOIP solutions.

Let us do the hard work and leave you to running your business.

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