Cloud technology is the present and future of business. While there are many different areas where cloud computing helps, one of the most notable is with backups.

Every company – both big and small – should make backing up their data a priority. Storing away copies of your precious data helps to preserve and minimise damage should a disaster occur. All it takes is an equipment failure or a cyberattack to compromise your primary data files.

Yet why should you prioritise the cloud over other backup solutions? Below are the five main benefits you need to consider:

1. Data protection

Nothing is more important than protecting your data, and cloud backup systems deliver the best in that regard. This is because it provides both the security and reliability of off-site storage for your data.

Off-site storage that’s in the cloud is highly beneficial in terms of protection. It helps safeguard it against various threats, including natural disasters to on-site hardware failures.

2. Cost savings

When compared to traditional backup solutions, there is generally only one winner in terms of cost. Cloud backup systems are known for being an affordable solution for all businesses, regardless of size and industry.

The reason for this is simple: cloud backup is delivered as a service. As a result, you can save money on costly hardware and software solutions. It also means you avoid additional maintenance expenses.

3. Scalability

Extending on from the previous point, another reason why the cloud is affordable is due to its scalable nature.

Cloud computing services can be scaled up and down seamlessly. If you need a lot of storage, you can expand to include all of your data without any issues. On the other hand, if your data needs drop, you can lower how much cloud backup storage you use.

The big advantage of this is that you only pay for the storage you need. This ensures you are able to maximise your expenditure and not waste any money on your backup requirements.

4. Automation

Automation is a great help when it comes to keeping backups of your data. However, when doing this manually, it can be easy to overlook the task. You may put it off until the end of the week, or you could even forget to complete the backup process.

With automation, there’s no need to worry about those possible issues. Your cloud backup systems can be set up where they run automatically. This ensures data is included and remembered during the backup process.

5. Accessibility

One of the main strengths of cloud computing is its accessibility. As long as you have a suitable device and internet connection, you are able to access your data, whenever and wherever you are.

In comparison, physical backup solutions are restricted and only accessible from a defined location. Cloud backup systems allow you to easily retrieve data whenever it is needed, saving you significant time – and being more convenient – in the process.

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